Lawrence Lessig: good reasoning, good talks, good slides

Lawrence Lessig is a lawyer who, among other things, has founded Creative Commons.

He has written books and given talks on several important topics, such as copyright, free culture, corruption and regulation of the internet.

And to top it off, the slides he uses in his talks are a paragon of expressivity — without unecessary words, sometimes without any words at all.

Judge for yourself; here are some links:

  • His home page, with CC-licensed, freely downloadable versions of his books.
  • His current blog.
  • His talks at TED about copyright and free culture. Transcriptions and subtitles are available.
  • How money corrupts: a problem that has always existed in Brazil (and which we have never even seriously acknowledged, let alone tried to solve). Maybe we can learn something from Lessig’s attempt to tackle it in the US.
  • His YouTube channel, with lots of interesting material.

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